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Search Flickr's Public API


Flair is an application which runs in AIR© and will search Flickr's database for matched photo tags. Once complete the results are displayed first as thumbnails, you can then view a larger size of an image which also provides the uploader's user information and links to their photostream.

Meet Similar People

meet similar users

Flair allows you to easily access the abyss of images in the Flickr database but also includes user information clicking a user's icon takes you directly to the user's Photostream. Search some of your hobbies or photographic styles and see who you can find.

Built on Adobe AIR

runs on the Adobe Integrated Runtime

In order to unlock the power of the Adobe Integrated Runtime© or AIR as its often referred to requires you have AIR installed, if you do not, you can find out more and download it directly from the good folks at Adobe

Download Flair Version 1.0.6 Here:

There's no better time, get your free copy of Flair today!

To download and install Flair you can click the download button to the right, keep in mind, to properly install the application you must already have Adobe AIR installed. If not, its a one step process like upgrading Adobe's Flash, they are somewhat similar after all, you can get the AIR runtime here

I'm a Mac, Linus would be Linux, and its Ok if you're a PC. Adobe AIR is operating system independent. Meaning whatever kind of machine you're using will use the same download package to the right.